Afiq Omar


Afiq Omar is the founder & lead photographer of Colossal Productions, a boutique photography house consisting of the brightest talents in Singapore. Hot off the heels of Colossal Photos, now Asia's largest nightlife photography collective, Colossal Weddings aims to be at the pinnacle of wedding photography in Asia. Afiq specialises in pre-wedding photography, conceptualizing and crafting sophisticated narratives of love into his work. What sets him apart is his strong sense of aesthetic and cinematic approach to photography. From handpicking the entire Colossal team to designing your keepsakes, Afiq spares no expense when it comes to creating the best experience for every single client. With his background as a Visual Communications & Digital Photography graduate from NTU, his careful attention to detail and obsession of light, his vision for Colossal Weddings is to see it become the most innovative wedding photography collective Asia has ever seen.

Nasri Ibrahim


A man of many talents, Nasri's experience in wedding photography stems from his involvement in several wedding photography collectives over the years. His professional career as a photographer began early and he wasted no time in learning the ropes to becoming a full time photographer while pursuing his education.  Ever present and observant, his ability to read and anticipate moments is his number one quality, making him an excellent photographer when capturing those tender moments that seem to go unnoticed.

Prashant Ashoka

Prashant Ashoka specialises in portrait photography and has a passion for capturing intimate interactions and casual moments. He has traveled extensively across six continents where his travel portraits have been featured in international travel publications including National Geographic and Lonely Planet. Melding a unique aesthetic with a penchant for capturing fleeting moments, Prashant brings a distinctive style and easy personality to the Colossal Weddings team.

Anwar Randii


Anwar prides himself on his efficiency and keen eye for detail. Having been with the Colossal team for over a year, he has transitioned from a photo editor to an amazing photographer with his natural eye for composition & framing. Apart from radiating an abundance of positive energy, Anwar is a firm believer in connecting with his subjects, so you will never have an awkward moment with him around. His work in celebrity portraiture has also seen exposure on local television & magazines. A perfectionist by nature, there's not stopping him from achieving greater heights with Colossal Weddings


Mira Shamsudin

Mira is the thorn amongst the roses. Being the only female photographer on the team puts her at an advantage. Mira's ability to connect with our brides gives her the opportunity to capture intimate moments rarely seen otherwise. Her attention to detail is unparalleled and her presence on the team gives Colossal Weddings the competitive edge. 

Md Sya


Sya is an undergraduate at the Glasgow School of Art Singapore in Communication Design specialising in Photography. Obsessed with the art of photography, he is always on the look out for every opportunity to capture delicate moments in the best possible way. His relaxed and calm demeanour is balanced with an organised and professional approach. Quietly honing his skills through both film & stills, he utilizes his artistic eye and sense of perfection as a benchmark in his work.